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Building Wealth, One Step at a Time

As a business owner with a practice to run or just a busy parent, we know your time is limited. Our three-phase approach to financial planning makes it easier to build wealth, one step at a time.

Phase 1:
We Organize

The First Month

We take the extra time to get to know you before we build your plan—where you are now and where you want to go.

This first phase lays the foundation for the entire relationship. We'll be communicating often and making a lot of intense progress.

This step will require a significant amount of data gathering on your part but it will be worth it.

Phase 2:
We Plan

The Next Few Months

Once we can see your whole picture, we'll build a plan that works for you.

This is where the rubber meets the road. During this phase, we'll craft a customized plan for your common areas of focus. These cornerstones include cash flow, savings, debt, insurance, investments, tax, estate, and charitable planning.

Phase 3:
We Manage

Six Months and Beyond

Once your initial plan is in place, we'll find opportunities to improve and optimize.

This is the fun part. You'll feel the momentum as you start building towards financial freedom and reaching your big dreams.

  • Semi-Annual Meetings—or more often, as needed
  • Refine and Optimize Financial Planning Items
  • Revisit and Update Confidential Wealth Plan
  • Rebalance Portfolio back to Target Allocation—or more often, as needed
  • Unlimited Check-Ins via email or phone - we're here to help!

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